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Today, on a great sunny day Sunday second, 2013 time 3:38 PM, the weather is nice and sunny. is the only website that would let you place any products for free and charges you a reasonable fee after each sale. Anywhere on the world you can buy for free on Any businesses, services, physical products, electrical products, new or used and much more. The idea is to make internet shoppers as even better than offline and scamless. We represent greatness, honesty, discipline and I’m not here to be big, but I’m here to be great. I’m not here to rip people off, but I’m here to make buying online accurate and honest.

After many years of selling on most auction and classified sites. I get fed up by at least 2 things. The cost of selling on auction sites, search engines or advertising your business online is ridiculously too much. The internet scam is really getting to me, I had bought in the past just about $ 4000.00 worth the fake Jordan tennis shoes and when you do a Google search, the search comes out with millions of results. I will not have a problem with millions searches, but you can have all the scammers on top paying Google big money or an internet savvy, so therefore even Google brings the search, you still are going to filter the good one and that can take hours, days or even more.

Google is great and I’m not claiming to be greater even in the future, but I will be greater in what I do. Google is big and good, but LetmeyouDotnet is small and great. Things can get very complex or even unknown in a big world, but if you want to be great, you have to be unique and simple. And this is exactly what LetmeyouDotnet is, unique and simple. We only buy and sell products on our website. We will make make sure for every transaction to be accurate and no one gets scammed. Our philosophy is simple “What you see What you buy”!

The cost of online advertisement is way to expensive. For instance a click can cost $ 2.00 to too much, depending on your market. According to the following link, one Google click can cost $ 55.00 or more. Click the following link for more evidence “LetmeyouDotnet, but what happens if that takes 10 clicks to make one sale or no sale. This is very profitable! But anyway, my cost to you will be 0 cent if you do not make any sale. My fee is guarantee to be cheaper than all the big boys if you sell your product.

If I’m making any sense to you or at any time you will use this free service to sell your products and of course I will use it myself too. We accept your donation cause we will hire the best graphic designer and the the cost of our hosting is not going to be cheap for the reason being all these files will be needing an expensive web hosting storage.